Our services:

  • Legal support for commercial organizations in managing business activities in Latvia, including foreign partners from the EU, Russia and the CIS;
  • Outsourcing of legal services;
  • Registration and legal support in organization and managing foreign branch offices;
  • Legal support in terms of taxes in order to use the advantages of Latvian legislation and to minimize the cost of maintaining the company;   
  • Legal analysis for current and future business projects;
  • Full and continuous bookkeeping of legal and private person’s business;
  • Legal preparation and analysis of commercial and management contracts;
  • Concluding contracts of management and rent for commercial activity needs, as well as solving possible disputes; 
  • Preparation of all necessary documents and representing the client in the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs to get a residence permit, visa, citizenship, inter alia, to get a job for foreign workers (we have a lot of experience, and can deal with non-typical situation);
  • Administrative law (representing interests and protecting the rights of the clients in governmental institutions);
  • Representing interests of the client in relationships with private persons, governmental and municipal institution, as well as in the court of Latvian Republic and arbitration; 
  • Recovering debts from private and legal persons;
  • Resolving the disputes connected to labor law;
  • Legal providing of the process of insolvency for private and legal persons;
  • Resolving disputes between co-owners of real estate, preparation of a contract to ensure separate ownership;
  • Providing the procedure of notarization; 
  • Legal expertise, legal analysis of the documents and their legitimacy, providing the procedure of legalization and apostille.