Labor disputes in Latvia: how to defend the employer’s rights

Labor disputes in Latvia: how to defend the employer’s rights Firing an employee is not a rare phenomenon. But the conflict between the employee and the […]

Divorce process with a foreigner

INLAT PLUS international lawyers have a large experience not only in managing divorce process of Latvian residents, but also in handling more difficult situations, when additional […]

Support in divorce process

How is the process of divorce being proceeded? Latvia is a member of the EU. On the basis of EU legislation, with the mutual desire of […]

Malta company registration

Malta is rightly considered to be one of the most attractive EU countries for doing business. Malta’s advantageous geographic location in the Mediterranean Sea and entrepreneur-friendly […]

Debt collection in Latvia

Law office INLAT PLUS International is ready to help you with recovery of debts in Latvia from individuals and legal persons. Execution can be carried out […]

Residence permits in Latvia on the basis of a labour contract

How to get a residence permit in Latvia under a labour contract? To obtain a temporary residence permit for employment purposes in that case, if the […]

The insolvency (bankruptcy) of private persons

Insolvency of private persons — is one of the prior and popular services of the law office INLAT PLUS International. For the reason of low income, […]

Liquidation of the company in Latvia

Liquidation is a way out of a situation when the company no longer brings profit, and its existence causes losses. The procedure of liquidation of the […]

Legal services for foreign clients

Residence permit in Latvia Law office INLAT PLUS international provides a comprehensive approach to the registration of a residence permit in Latvia. According to the current […]