On a sale a unique real estate property – “Meldri” which is located in a quiet, sparsely populated place with charming natural scenery a mere 90m away from a beach of the Gulf of Riga. It is surrounded by a pine forest. The beach is particularly picturesque at this location. There is a wooden fence on concrete / masonry pillars around a perimeter with an automatically controlled gate. Lantern lighting is mounted in the area. A large part of the area is paved.

There are located several buildings in the territory: residential house, household building, closed type gazebo and open type gazebo.
The two-storey residential log house with a total area of 204,3 m2, including an outer space – 23 m2 and a basement – 77,3 m2. There is a living room with a kitchen, combined sanitary room, another room and terrace on the first floor. There is located a recreation room, two rooms and a balcony on the second floor. In addition, the house has a basement which is divided into two separate premises.

The two-storey household building with a total area of 119,4 m2 is used as a sauna – holiday house. An interior of the building is made of top quality materials. There is a lounge, hallway, shower room and toilet, a sauna and car shed on the first floor of the household building. There is a lounge, two rooms, a toilet and balcony on the second floor.
Both the house and the household building are equipped with a local water supply (bore) and biological self-cleaning drainage. A local heating is provided by both local stove / fireplace heating and domestic electrical heating (mounted radiators, heated floors). There are installed telecommunications of the highest level in the buildings. Also, both the residential house and the household building are equipped with a sauna. All buildings are equipped with alarms and smoke detectors for your safety.

Two gazebos are located in the territory of villa. One of them is a closed type and has a grill with a marble / granite surface. The gazebo is made of wood structures and a glass. The second one is an open type gazebo which also has a grill. The area of villas is very well thought out, so that you can spend a wonderful time and enjoy a surrounding landscape. The closed type gazebo is located closer to the sea, so its closed design structure will protect you from a wind, while the open type gazebo is located closer to a forest that will allow you to enjoy a fresh air of the pine forest.

PRICE 270 000 EUR

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There are planted decorative ornamental plants as well as are placed a decorative boulders throughout all territory. There is also installed a children’s playground. The villa is located 70 kilometres from Riga, 50 km from Jurmala.

A residence permit obtaining is included in price.

A placement of the villa on a map: