Legal services in Latvia

Law office INLAT PLUS international has been providing legal services in Latvia for more than 10 years on a professional level. Extensive experience of company specialists, their qualification in the field of legal support of individuals and large, medium and small businesses ensure the protection of rights and interests when dealing with legal issues.

The main goal of the Law office INLAT PLUS international is to achieve the goal in the shortest period of time, taking into account the wishes of the client, while optimizing time and material costs. We guarantee our clients complete confidentiality, punctuality and professionalism when dealing with complex issues.

What we offer for our clients?

We are ready to provide qualified legal assistance in the following areas:

1. Immigration law (representation of clients in the Immigration office, legal services in Latvia for the collection of documents and obtain to residence permits, visas, citizenship);
2. Legal support for commercial organizations;
3. Administrative law (representation of interests and protection of the rights of the client in relations with state institutions);
4. Family law (drafting of marriage contracts, property division, guardianship, divorce);
5. Inheritance law (assistance in opening and joining the legacy, the solution of disputes between heirs);
6. The representation of clients in real estate transactions;
7. Accounting services (advice on the choice of taxation).

Why do customers contact us?

Legal services office INLAT PLUS International includes:

1. Professional assistance company in a easy way for the client (by phone, electronically or in person);
2. Conducting the necessary expertise, analysis of documents and their legality;
3. Specialists of the company can represent clients in the state institutions;
4. If necessary, we will translate the documents into the required language;
5. The Law office is constantly in touch with customers and keeps them informed.

We are ready to provide you with assistance in accordance to your requirements and compliance with current legislation. For regular clients special conditions of cooperation are provided.

Contact information

Telephones: +371 672 997 76, +371 296 216 15
E-mail for a free consultation:



  • Legal support and preparation of real estate deals;
  • Real estate search according to client needs;
  • Commissioning of apartment and legalization of illegal constructions;
  • Settlement of disputes between owners of the jointly owned property and preparation of agreements regarding a shared use of joint property;
  • Settlement of disputes regarding management contracts of residential property, residential and non-residential rent;
  • Partition of joint immovable property.




  • Formation of hunters’ associations, preparation of lease contracts for hunting grounds and settlement of disputes related to hunting farms;
  • Settlement of issues related to bills of exchange.